Sunrise > sunset. Why?

As a professional photographer in Myrtle Beach, I have had the pleasure of capturing beautiful moments on the beach during both sunrise and sunset. However, when given the choice, I always choose sunrise over sunset for several reasons.

Firstly, the weather conditions are typically better in the morning. Myrtle Beach can be quite windy in the afternoon, making it difficult to capture perfect shots. In the morning, the wind is often much calmer, creating a more peaceful and serene environment. This calmness allows for the sand and water to settle, creating a much smoother backdrop for the photos.

Another reason I prefer sunrise sessions is because of the reduced number of people on the beach. When you have fewer people around, you have more opportunities for uninterrupted and more natural shots. This can also help clients feel more comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, leading to more genuine expressions and emotions captured in the photos.

Additionally, the direction of the sun at sunrise creates a beautiful golden glow that adds a unique and beautiful touch to photos. The sun rising from the ocean side creates a warm, golden light that adds depth and dimension to the photos.

Finally, the early morning light offers a fresh and energizing start to the day, which can create a positive and memorable experience for clients. This allows them to enjoy the rest of their day without feeling exhausted from a long photoshoot.

In summary, while both sunrise and sunset have their own unique beauty, I prefer sunrise sessions in Myrtle Beach for the calm weather, reduced crowds, beautiful golden light, and positive energy. If you're planning a beach photoshoot, consider booking a sunrise session to capture beautiful and unforgettable memories.